Take Advantage Of A Summer Sales Position With Aptive!

Kenny Gerowitz

Aptive provides an incredible opportunity for motivated individuals to separate themselves from the pack, not only financially but with experience and on a resume. Over my 4 year tenure with Aptive I have seen hundreds of reps grow from unsure college students to mature adults buying their own homes at 22-23 years old. Best part is the culture, everyone is super friendly and open, just walk in and you’ll see that first hand! I highly recommend for anyone and everyone looking to grow.

Bill Lilly

Great place to work! Aptive will teach you everything you need to know about sales and interpersonal skills. It is a great resume builder. I have worked their for 3 years and it has enabled my wife and I to live a lifestyle that we had never been able to live before. We work real hard May-August. I take the next 4 months off and start recruiting and training in January. It allows me to make my own schedule and be my own boss. We have done a lot of traveling as you can earn fantastic trips to great destinations and all with 5 star accommodations. Aptive does it right.

Wyatt Janning

Watching Aptive grow from a startup pest control company to an juggernaut in the industry has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. While providing a substantial financial advantage for its people, Aptive focus on just that: its people. When most industries in the 2000’s are more focused on product and prices, Aptive has maintained its commitment to people – customers and employees alike.

I cannot wait to watch the continued growth of this company while helping lead a massive charge to revealing an industry that’s in its earliest stages on the east coast.

Chris Duggins

This will be my second summer with Aptive and it has been a great experience. I love only working 4 months a year and then living on the beach for 8 months. Highly recommend coming on board with us!!!

Tyler McLean

Awesome place! Went out and worked for them over this past summer and had an incredible experience! Definitely check it out because what they advertise is true because I’ve done it!!!