Damon Lilly, Senior VP of Sales

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Damon Lilly

Born: Salisbury North Carolina 1992

Position: Senior VP of Sales

Location: Wrightsville Beach NC

Instagram: @damonlilly_

Family: Damon grew up middle class in a large family of 6. He is the oldest of four Lilly boys who all work at APTIVE. Damon’s father Bill later quit his job at Pepsi and came to work at APTIVE and now leads a group of 60 reps. Damon is married to his dream girl @meg.carroll_ (Follow her for investment real estate)

About: Damon was planning to be a stockbroker. Earning a multiple six-figure income for Edward Jones. Edward Jones receives more applications in a day than they accept in a year. Damon gave up this opportunity in finance to manage sales teams for APTIVE. Damon’s first year at APTIVE he led a group that did over 3800 accounts and Damon made over $200,000 dollars that summer. Which turned into his career at APTIVE.



Senior VP of Sales (45,500 accounts)  
Fastest growing region. ($30M in Revenue)
Fastest car at APTIVE 
First manager to 700 reps in 7 years
Top rookie 2018 - 2019
Founder of @Aptivealpha
Personally serviced 51 in a week.
Receives and responds to an average of 746 texts per day. 

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